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Sales Agent Program

The NexusTek Sales Agent Program consists of a robust network of co-sell and referral agents who are part of our agent ecosystem.

Co-Sell Agent

The objective of the co-sell agent relationship is to grow revenue and drive new logo growth through partnerships with agents and partners that integrate NexusTek’s services into the solutions they deliver to their clients.

Co-Sell Agent Compensation

For closed co-sell agent opportunities, NexusTek will pay the agent a percentage of the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) contracted with the client, for the term of the contract and subsequent renewals. Co-sell agent opportunities may have limited client relationship management support from NexusTek.



Referral Agent

The objective of the referral agent relationship is to increase NexusTek’s value to market by expanding brand awareness, presence, and revenue growth through go-to-market relationships with partners operating as NexusTek referral sales agents for new leads and referrals.

Referral Agent Compensation

For closed referral agent opportunities, NexusTek will pay the referral agent a fee equal to a percentage of the MRR for the first 12 months of the contract or the contract term, for contracts less than 12 months.

Limited to no support requirements from the partner agent to close and support the opportunity—pre- or post-sales.



Become a Sales Agent