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Explore Partnering With NexusTek

Expand your company’s reach and grow your market share by joining forces with NexusTek.

Benefits of Partnering With NexusTek

Becoming a NexusTek partner gives your business a strong advantage in the highly competitive technology services industry. Being a NexusTek partner means leveraging our strong brand reputation and national presence to expand your company’s footprint as a technology solutions provider in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market. Benefits of being a NexusTek partner include:

SMB Focus

The growing and dynamic SMB market provides plentiful and consistent demand for a wide variety of technologies.

Customer Retention

Bundling partner and NexusTek technologies into end-to-end solutions creates value that translates to longer-term demand for your products and services.

National Service Footprint

With offices in multiple major U.S. cities and engineers across the nation, we provide services and solutions to SMBs on a nationwide basis.

National Sales Force

NexusTek’s skilled and experienced sales team spans the U.S., providing you with co-sell support where your business operates.

Domestic Workforce

NexusTek does not outsource; technology services and support are provided by over 200 engineers and technicians located within the United States.

Passionate Customer Service

We provide 24/7/365 support to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with our partners’ technologies.

In-House Marketing

Our marketing team works continually to create demand for partner technologies and solutions, using a variety of promotional strategies and channels.

Partnership Facts


75% of world commerce is conducted through channel partners.

2x Faster

Businesses with well-developed partner programs grow their revenue 2x faster than other companies.


Among companies with partnership programs, an average of 23% of overall revenue is generated through partnerships.


Microsoft attributes 95% of its revenue to its partnerships, and Cisco attributes 90% of its revenue to partners.

Become a NexusTek Partner

At NexusTek, we have deep and strong relationships and partnerships with industry-leading technology and services providers. NexusTek’s focus is on being a trusted collaborator and advisor to our clients and partners. Our complete solutions portfolio is built upon our trusted partners’ technology and services.

We carefully vet and select top partners who have a track record of innovation and a reputation for delivering reliable, high-value IT solutions. To begin a conversation about a potential partnership with NexusTek, please complete and submit the form below.